3/22/18 Brooklyn @ Wonders of Nature w/ August Wells

in the rearview mirror...

1/18/18 Brooklyn @ Silent Barn w/Big Eyes, Ricky Hell & the Voidboys, Fleaspoon

1/13/18 Clifton, NJ @ Clash Bar w/M.O.T.O., 6 to 8 Mathematics, After the Burn

12/15/17 Brooklyn, Rebel Rouser X-Mas Party @ Ceremony

11/18/17 Brooklyn, Nocturne @ Ceremony w/ Nastie Band, Unknown Sender

9/17/17 Brooklyn, Taste Williamsburgl @ the Firehouse (aka a parking lot in the sun)

4/30/17 Brooklyn, Almost Ready Records 10-Year Anniversary @ Union Pool w/ Laurice, Ravi Shavi, Bummer's Eve, Tin Foil

3/25/17 Columbus, Sick Weekend @ Ace of Cups w/Gories, Dirty Fences, Liquor Store, Gotobeds, Mixed Deuce, Dana, Paint Thinner, Tasty

1/27/17Brooklyn @ Union Pool w/ Wyldlife, Baby Shakes, Bob Mann & the Rolling Thunder

11/12/16 Asheville, NC @ The Lazy Diamond w/Greg Cartwright

11/11/16 Nashville @ The 5-Spot w/Charlie Whitten, Horse Thief

11/10/16 BiIrmingham, AL @ Spring Street Firehouse w/FAD, Me & My Knife, Easy

11/9/16 New Orleans @ Saturn Bar w/FR

11/8/16 Austin @ Hotel Vegas w/ the Gospel Truth, Skin Drips, Lush Rimbaugh

11/7/16 Austin @ The Grandw/Hooligan Justice, Ultras

11/5/16 Chicago @ Double Door: HoZac Records 10-year anniversary party w/Gories, Heavy TImes, Miker Rep's Last Call, The Sueves, Julian Leal, Cozy, Jeanies

11/4/16 Detroit @ UFO Factory w/ Cheetahs, Jeanies, Primitiv Parts

11/3/16 Cleveland @ Now That's Class w/Jeanies, Fan Fiction

8/25/16 NYC @ Elvis Guesthouse w/ The Conjugal, Pink Mexico

8/9/16 Brooklyn @ Gold Sounds w/Otherworldly Things, Golden Grass, The Jeanies

7/23/16 Brooklyn @ Montana's Trail House w/Such Hounds (afternoon show)

7/15/16 Brooklyn @ Union Pool w/Louie Louie, the Muffs

7/3/16 Cleveland @ Now That's Class (free show!) w/ The Nico Missile, Tonawandas

7/2/16 Cincinnati @ Northside Rock'n'Roll Carnival w/Dilly Dally, the Nots

7/1/16 Cincinnati @ Junker's Tavern w/Stallone 'N' Roses

6/30/16 Columbus @ Ace of Cups w/The Girls!

6/29/16 Nashville @ FooBar w/ Mystery Twins, JP5

6/28/16 Memphis @ Murphy's w/River City Tanlines

6/27/16 Chicago @ Empty Bottle w/ Yoko & the Oh No's, Gnar Wave Rangers

6/26/16 Minneapolis @ Hexagon w/Private Interests, Wowsville, Nato Coles Birthday Suits

6/25/16 Milwaukee @ HIgh Dive w/ Iron Pizza, Sin Bad

6/24/16 Pittsburgh @ City Grows (yes, this is a garden center!) w/Nice Try, Rue

6/23/16 Philadelphia @ Ortlieb's w/ Wild Joy, the Mysteries

6/8/16 live on WFMU (Evan Davies' show)

5/10/16 Union Pool w/Heaven's Jail (record release!), Such Hounds

4/18/16 Good Room w/ Atlantic Thrills, Big White

4/15/16 Legion w/Silk Purse, Home Blitz

3/25/16 Secret Project Robot w/Jantar, Rhyton,

2/2/16 Silent Barn w/Giggly Boys, Eyes of Love, Fixtures,

1/25/16 Berlin w/ Say La Vees,

12/3/15 Max Fish w/Heaven's Jail
11/24/15 Mercury Lounge w/ Boy Morgan
10/24/15 Tuff Weekend NYC @ Acheron w/ White Mystery
8/5/15 @ Grand Victory, Brooklyn, w/ Earnhardt
7/18/15 @ Cake Shop, NYC, w/Real Numbers, Consolidated Plastics, Bananamou
7/9/15 @ The Good Room, Brooklyn w/Ravi Shavi
8/15/14 @ The Steel Yard, Providence, RI, w/ Atlantic Thrills for the Steel Yard 10th Anniversary Party
8/16/14 @ The Scurvy Dog, Providence, RI, parking lot show with Round Eye, Daikajiu, M.O.T.O., Louisiana Hayride, White Dynomite, Atlantic Thrills, Hope Anchor, Swanpoint, Beta Motel, & Holly Roller High.
8/2/14 @ the Gutter w/ Growler, the Dangles
7/19/14 @ Don Pedro, Brooklyn w/Andrew Cedermark, the Bad New Ones, the Jeanies
7/2/14 @ Cake Shop, NYC w/Paul Collins Beat Marvin Berry & the New Sound, Fletcher C. Johnson
5/13/14 @ WFMU 's Three Chord Monte @ noon
5/10/14 @ a party at Magic City, 37 Box St,, Greenpoint. 9 p.m.
5/9/14 @ Bell House, Brooklyn w/Dwight Twilley and Pezband
5/8/14 @ Bourbon Street, Columbus, OH w/ Clean Men and DJ Ladyfingers
5/7/14 @ Painted Lady, Hamtramck, MI (timmy's taco night!) w/ Growwing Pains and Prude Boys
5/6/14 @ Emporium, Chicago, IL w / Mac Blackout Band and the Thons
5/5/14 @ Triple Rock, Minneapolis, MN w/Teenage Moods and Mystery Date
5/4/14 @ Quarters Rock n Roll Palace, Milwaukee, WI w/Bored Games
5/3/14 @ Landlocked Music, Bloomington, IN (in-store, daytime)
5/2/14 @ Gooski's, Pittsburgh, PA w/the Lampshades
4/5/14 @ Record Grouch, Brooklyn, 7 p.m. early action!!!
2/23/14 @ Death By Audio, Brooklyn w/Hector's Pets, Ar--kaics, Chickenhawks
1/12/14 @ Union Pool, Brooklyn, w/ Heaven's Jail Band, Ancient Sky
12/6/13 @ Union Pool, Brooklyn, w/ Liquor Store, Hector's Pets, Citizen Blast Kane
9/20/13 @ Rock Shop, Brooklyn w/ JL Hooker, Liza Colby Sound
8/1/13 @ Union Pool, Brooklyn, w/Prince Rupert's Drops, Viva L'American Death Ray Music
7/21/13 @ Glasslands, Brooklyn w/Wildly, Glass Curtains
7/4/13 @ Knockdown Center, Queens, NY w/Endless Boogie, Dirty Fences
6/12/13 @ Shea Stadium, Brooklyn w/ Atlantic Thrills, Liquor Store
5/24/13 @ the Flat, Brooklyn w/Heaven's Jail Band, Historics
3/7/13 @ Bowery Electric, NYC w/ Kay Kasparhauser, Michael Des Barres
2/2/13 @ Cake Shop, NYC Power Pop-a-Licious II w/ Electric Mess, The Pow Wows, The Modulators, and Paul Collins Beat
1/18/13 @ Cozy Royale, Brooklyn w/Sightings, Blues Control
12/31/12 @ Grand Victory , Brooklyn w/Wyldlife, The Brats
11/17/12 @ Wild Kingdom, Brooklyn w/Prince Rupert's Drops, Endless Boogie
9/2/12 @ Knockdown Center, Queens, NY, w/MLKTH, Champagne Sequins
8/27/12 @ Parkside Lounge, w/Party Lights, Bradley Dean & the Teriminals
5/26/12 @ Zebulon, Brooklyn, LE CRUNCH w/Alan Merrill of the Arrows, Murat Akturk
5/17/12 @ Union Pool, Brooklyn, RECORD RELEASE w/Games, Baby Shakes
5/12/12 @ Don Pedro, Brooklyn w/ Foster Care, Midnight Creeps, M.O.T.O.
4/28/12 @ Mercury Lounge, NYC w/ Boy Morgan
12/16/11 @ Trash, Brooklyn, NY w/Live Ones, Giraffes
4/17/12 @ Local 269, Brooklyn, NY w/ Crazy Pills, Twin Guns, White Mystery
12/16/11 @ Wild Kingdom, Brooklyn, NY w/ Call of the Wild
12/9/11 @ the Gutter, Brooklyn, NY w/ Live Ones, Piggies
10/28/11 @ Cozy Royale, Brooklyn, NY: Halloween party with New Tongues, the Big Sleep
9/22/11 @ Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY w/ the Mad Scene, Hans Chew
8/11/11 @ St. Vitus, Brooklyn, NY, w/ M.O.T.O., Babyshakes, Pretty Quick, DJ William (Radio Heartbeat)
8/5/11 @ Don Pedro's, Brooklyn, NY, w/ Live Fast Die, Foster Care, Ape Hangers, WLWL (benefit for FLORIAN JAY!!!)
7/29/11 @ Lone Wolf, Brooklyn, NY, w/ Tommy Volume, the BurnHearts, Triple Hex
5/19/11 @ Bruar Falls, Brooklyn, NY, w/ Vacant Fever, Paper Fleet
4/15/11 @ Union Pool,, Brooklyn, NY, w/ The Jay Vons, Piggies, and The Totallys
2/19/11 @ the Church, Brooklyn, NY, w/ Red Horse, Crooks, Minerva Lions
1/6/11 @ Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY, w/ Big Eyes, German Measles
11/14/10 @ Don Pedro's, Brooklyn, NY, w/ Biters, Wyldlife
7/24/10 @ Coco 66, Brooklyn, NY, w/ Endless Boogie, Cheeseburger, Soldiers of Fortune
5/20/10 @ S.W.A.T. Bar, NYC, w/ Prince Rupert's Drops